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London, UK

Jonny Niesche – Cracked actor

Peter von Kant is very pleased to announce ‘Cracked actor,’ the first UK solo show by Australian artist Jonny Niesche. ‘Cracked Actor’ is a musical piece written by David Bowie, the fifth track of the 1973 ‘Aladdin Sane’ album, written and composed in 1972 – also the birthday of Jonny Niesche. With an oscillating constellation between detailed iridescent and colourful glam rock and politically engaged art rock, the latter with its focus upon rhythm, repetition, and the avant-garde, this piece describes the decline of an aged ex film star reduced to paying for sexual performances behind the scenes of Hollywood. 

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Traces of War

Until 18 Dec - King’s College London’s final exhibition of 2016, Traces of War, explores the relationships between war and the everyday, tracing the imprints it leaves on bodies, memories, landscapes and in places we least expect. >Read more

Marita Fraser | Nancy Milner -  Ittenology

Exhibition dates: 22 January 2016 – 5th March 2016

Drawing on Itten’s treatise, The Elements of Colour, Rook & Raven bring together the works of Marita Fraser and Nancy Milner. Through sculpture, collage and paintings, these two artists explore Itten’s theories in their juxtaposition of colour and its perceptual contrasts.  Fraser’s work deploys a means of rehearsal within its making, hybrid forms of materials, modern draperies, displayed in variegated configurations. Materials are often seen in multiple manifestations, on consecutive occasions, reissued, reattributed and renegotiated.

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3 Branches of the Same Tree: Art, Science and Education

3 Branches of the Same Tree

3 Branches of the Same Tree brings together theories and concepts of science, art and education and looks at the perception of the world as viewed through the lenses of science and art. Within this project, science and art have been fused to reveal the forces that govern our world and the possible new ways science can be taught.

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The Choreography of Cutting

Sally Smart: The Choreography of Cutting

Exhibition dates: 27 March - 25 April 2015

Smart has looked closely at dance choreography to see how it might connect to the collage methodologies in her practice: the movement of elements in space, improvisation and rehearsal, and how actions of cutting and assembling might be described and visualized in drawing. 

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Multiplied Art Fair at Christies' South Kensington

Multplied Art Fair

Exhibition dates: 17-20 October 2014

dalla Rosa Gallery Stand 30

Christies' South Kensington.

dalla Rosa Gallery presents editions by Jessie Brennan, Benjamin Bridges, Caroline Corbasson, Caroline Kha, Catrin Morgan, Kasper Pincis at Stand 30.

Multiplied is the UK’s only fair devoted exclusively to contemporary art in editions. Hosted annually by Christie’s South Kensington it takes place during Frieze week and offers a rich programme of talks and workshops for art lovers and connoisseurs alike.

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One Way Return - A Survey of Five Australian Aritsts working in London

Exhibition dates: 10 October - 29 November 2014

Private View: 10 October,  6 - 9 pm

Peter von Kant: 25 Tanners Hill, SE8 4PJ

Peter von Kant is very pleased to present 'One way return', a survey of five Australian artists working in London today. 

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Berlin, Germany

Sonja Hornung: Emptying Flags

Exhibition dates: June 21 - September 30 2013

Gallery: Neue Berliner Räume 

Using a self-devised system, Sonja Hornung generates patterns for flags that have no historical basis. Instead, these new flags are formed – as much as possible – by chance. The artist uses emptied flags to scrutinize the mechanism at the heart of the process that anchors a flag to its symbolic meaning and its actual territory. These flags are then hoisted in a series of public interventions across the city of Berlin.

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Exhibition highlights across Australia.

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Until April 26 2014
Arts Space Wodonga

The international travelling exhibition 'transit' brings together the work of four Australian interdisciplinary artists; Stephen Copland, Meredith Brice, Colin G. Reaney and Karee S. Dahl; who have recently lived and worked in the United Arab Emirate of Sharjah.  The exhibition displays the four artists’ immersion and exploration of the concept of home, identity and relationship to place.

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